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10 top Advantages of car window tinting

Advantages of car window tinting

Car window tinting is a process by which a thin layer of laminate is applied on the glass to make the car glass darker. There are several reasons for choosing this process. In fact, there are various Advantages of car window tinting that each person can do this process according to his interest. Among the Advantages of car window tinting, we can mention the privacy or security of the car, protection against ultraviolet rays including UVA (carcinogenic rays), reducing the heat inside the car and gradually improving fuel consumption. Of course, tinting the car window has an effect on the appearance of the car in addition to reducing the sunlight. Some people turn their car windows into sunglasses so they don’t get bothered by sunlight. The things you mentioned were part of the Advantages of car window tinting. In the following, we would like to explain this issue to you completely and tell you how to care for the painted glass, but before these things, it is better to know that the types of tints and what are the characteristics of each?

Types of car glass tint

Car glass tint has many variations and each of them has advantages and disadvantages, but all tints work effectively for glass. Below are some types of tints that you can apply on car windows. Read and get to know the features of each.

Dyed tints

If you care about your budget for this work, dyed tints are the best option for you. These tints are among the most common tints that are used. Dyed tints are cheaper than other types of tints in terms of price. Of course, know that these tints are not as effective as other options, but besides this point, they have certain advantages that they offer you. Dyed tints absorb sunlight rays, but there is a weakness for them, these tints begin to fade with time and are not as durable as other tints. In short, it should be said that you can use this option to take Advantages of car window tinting.

Metallic glass tint

If you want to strengthen your car glass, this tint is the best choice for you. The structure of these tints is such that they are made with very fine and thin metals, which makes these tints shiny. These tints protect your glass from breaking and penetrating. Regarding the durability of these tints, it should be said that metallic tints are more durable than dyed tints. In fact, these tints do not fade with time and no scratches are easily formed on them. In addition to the Advantages of car window tinting with this option, it should be said that by using these tints, your car will be especially attractive for a long time and has excellent resistance to sunlight. You can consider this option as a cost-effective option due to its features.

Hybrid glass tints

These tints are made by combining metallic tints and dyed tints. In fact, these tints are a mixture of metal and tint and protect you from harmful UV rays. These tints are more effective than metallic tints and painted tints. One thing that should be said about metallic tints is that they cause radio interference, but mixed tints work best in any situation. These tints are not easily scratched and do not fade over time and are considered among the durable glass tints.

Carbon window tint

The structure of these tints consists of thin carbon layers. These tints against sunlight and They are completely heat effective and are among the best tints you can choose for your car glass because they are quite affordable in terms of price.

Ceramic glass tint

If you are looking for a more expensive option, ceramic tints are the right option for you. Of course, these tints are quite valuable due to their characteristics. These tints are the most effective option available in the market. The applications of these tints include privacy, maximum protection against solar heat and ultraviolet rays. If we want to talk about the structure of these tints, it should be said that these tints are made of a non-conductive and non-metallic thin ceramic. It is very difficult to break or scratch these tints and they have a first-class durability. These tints work in such a way that they keep the interior of your car completely cool, as a result of which air conditioning is created.

Crystal window tint

Many people are not interested in dark tints and are looking for clear tints that protect against the UV rays of the sun. If you are one of these people, our suggestion is crystal glass tint. In addition to its transparency, it prevents the sun’s rays from entering the car. These tints last well, but keep in mind that they do not provide you with any privacy. Crystal glass tints do not change over time and are always stable.

The advantages of car window tinting

In this section, we want to talk about the Advantages of car window tinting. This article has presented the incredible benefits of this process for you. By reading this section, you can easily decide to tint your glass.

Sun protection

In addition to its benefits, sunlight can sometimes be harmful to the interior of a car. When the sunlight passes through the car windows, heat and ultraviolet rays damage the interior of the car so that it can damage the equipment. One of the Advantages of car window tinting is that it blocks these harmful rays, so it doesn’t get damaged inside the car.

Sun protection

Privacy protection

Window tinting is an inexpensive way to protect your privacy in your car. Some people don’t like someone to see inside their car, it may be because of valuables inside the car or other reasons, but in any case, tinting the glass can protect your privacy and the visibility of people outside the car compared to the inside of the car. make it harder Also, if you have valuable things inside the car, you can make sure that no one can see them from outside the car.

Privacy protection

Keeping the car cool

If you want to keep the interior of your car cool, tinting the car is a cost-effective solution. Ultraviolet rays and infrared light are both responsible for excess heat inside the car during the hot months, so by tinting the car window, you can block these two things and keep the interior of your car cool.

Keeping the car cool

Prevent damage from hail

By tinting the car glass, you add a new layer to the car glass that can protect the glass from hail damage. Hail often causes dents in the car glass. Tinted glass can reduce hail force. This is one of the best Advantages of car window tinting.

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Prevent damage from hail

Keeping children safe

By tinting your car window, you can protect the safety of your children in the car. For example, when a child is sitting in the back seat, tinted windows prevent ultraviolet radiation and sunlight.

Increase car security

When you tint your car windows, thieves have less visibility into the interior of the car, so they are less likely to break the glass. Of course, tinting the glass also protects your car from breakage to some extent.

Energy saving

By tinting the car window, you can save on car costs. In fact, dark windows keep your car cool, which means you can reduce your fuel consumption.

Increasing the appearance of the car

Another Advantages of car window tinting is that it increases the appearance of your car. In fact, tinting the glass makes it shiny and polished as if you just bought your car. In general, tinting the glass is an inexpensive way to create a more luxurious feel to the interior of the car

Increasing the appearance of the car

Increase in selling price

This process can help you when selling a car. If you want to sell your car, you must keep it in excellent condition. Tinting the glass will increase the price of your car at the time of sale.

Safety while driving

In certain situation such as driving, car windows can reflect light, thus obstructing the driver’s vision and reducing safety while driving. You can prevent this issue by tinting the car window and avoid possible dangers while driving.

The amount of legal window tint

You cannot completely paint all the windows because you will face legal problems. Keep in mind that the windscreen should provide you with at least 75% of the light at all times. The windows of the front passengers must allow at least 70% into the car. If these conditions are not met, the police can issue you a fine or order you to remove the tints from the glass.

The amount of legal window tint

Car window tinting process

Window tinting can take anywhere from one to four hours or even longer. Also, the cost of this process may seem expensive for some people. For examples if you want to do this it could cost £80.40. Of course, if you want to do this process with high quality, the cost may reach up to 643.17 pounds. The good news is that you can do this process yourself to save money. But our suggestion is to let a professional expert do the necessary checks before doing anything. Using glass paint is not a difficult task, it just requires a patient and relatively skilled person and a dust-free space. In addition to this method, entrusting this process to an expert can save your time, and the expert will perform this process for you with a guarantee. Glass tinting experts are aware of the legality of the tint table and assure you that you will not have any legal problems with this work.

DIY glass tinting tips

  • Providing the conditions mentioned above can be a bit difficult, so we recommend you to get a glass paint application tool kit.
  • As we said in this article, there are different types of glass tints, whatever you spend, you will get a higher quality tint.
  • Try to buy enough glass tint to cover all the necessary parts. Even better if you buy extra.
  • In this process, you have to be very patient. Try to measure accurately. In the process of tinting the glass, you must use the right tools.
  • Considering all the above points, it may be better to pay a little more and leave this work to an expert. As a result, you will save a lot of difficulties and time for this work.

Disadvantages of tinting glass

In this article, we have discussed the Advantages of car window tinting thoroughly. Along with its advantages, glass tinting also has disadvantages that you should consider. The main disadvantages of tinting car windows are:

Decreased night vision

Tinting the car window reduces the driver’s visibility on the road at night. When the driver does not have enough visibility, the probability of an accident increases. To solve this problem, it is better to be careful in choosing the tint.

Legal problems

Before you paint your car, it is better to check the rules on this subject. Being aware of these rules can prevent possible fines for you.

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Tint fading

Many people use low quality tints in order to pay less. These tints fade very quickly with the passage of time, so they will cost you more. As a result, it is always better to invest in higher quality paints.

Necessary tips to maintain the car glass tint

After you have tinted your car window, you should know the necessary tips to maintain it. In fact, in order for the tint of your glass to last longer, you must protect it and be careful when cleaning it. After tinting the glass, you should not move the car window for two days. By doing this, you allow the glass to dry completely, and it also prevents the tint from peeling.

Clean the glass with a suitable substance

By cleaning your glass with the right products, you can ensure the longevity of your glass tint. Keep in mind that some cleaning agents can reduce the darkness of the glass and ruin it over time. Our recommendation in this case is not to use cleaning agents that contain ammonia. You can use vinegar to clean the glass.

Use microfiber towels

Use non-abrasive microfiber towels when cleaning the glass. Using a hard sponge or brush can scratch the glass. Of course, your tint may be resistant to scratches, but it is still better to use soft cloths and towels. It is better to moisten the cloth with water before cleaning. Also, try to clean the glass in a place where there is no sunlight because it causes the cleaning agent to dry quickly, resulting in streaks and stains on the glass.

Remove paint bubbles

Bubbles may appear on the glass after tinting. Try not to touch the bubbles, these bubbles will dry completely after some time. If you still see a bubble after a few days, it is better to consult a specialist.

Choose the right tint

As we said, the benefits of tinting the glass are many. In fact, tinted glass gives you a good driving experience. When shopping for tint, look for an option that suits your budget and taste. Do the necessary checks and then proceed to purchase.

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