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Dent repair cost and the Factors that can influence on it

dent repair cost

Making a dent on your car is inevitable and may be caused by various reasons. Regardless of how this happened, you should look to check out the dent, maybe you’ll see more.

Most of the car owners think that having a new dent is difficult because it leads to a lot of expenses. But besides this issue, there is a solution called dent repair without color for these problems. When talking about this solution, everyone is looking for the dent repair cost, but it is better to know that this solution does not cost much.

Today windscreen services London want to talk about the dent repair cost completely, but before that it is better to know basic information about it.

What is Traditional Dent Repair?

Traditional dent repair is a solution that requires sanding the paint of the dent, hammering the metal into shape, and filling the remaining spaces with putty. In the next step, the putty should be sanded and then the dented area, primer, base coat and final layer should be repainted. Traditional dent repair is an extensive process as it involves steps such as re-painting your vehicle.

This solution requires a lot of labor and more supplies than other solutions, so it is an expensive choice versus dent repair cost solutions. Choosing an expensive repair method can result in customers paying more for repairs. These days, traditional repairs are necessary for major damage or minor dents with paint damage, but there is a more effective method that we will discuss below.

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Paintless dent removal is a method of repairing car body dents by reshaping the panel without using paint. This means that there is no need to fill or paint the damage, so it is an ideal solution for repairing the dent without paint. In the PDR method, specialized tools are used to press and massage the damaged panel from the back. Therefore, the dent metal is pushed out to regain its original shape without the need for paint. By doing this, the body is repaired and at the same time the original color coating is preserved.

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?


PDR is a popular alternative to conventional paint-assisted dent procedures because it can be faster and the dent repair cost is cheaper in this solution. This method does not require painting, So it is usually completed in a few hours.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

The purpose of this method is that the dented metal returns to its original shape and does not damage the color of the car. At first, the technician determines the best and most appropriate way to access the damaged area by opening the window or removing internal parts or panels, then with the help of specialized tools, he starts from the outer edge of the dent and slowly moves the metal to its original position. As a result, the damaged area will gradually become smaller and eventually disappear.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?


PDR is done by taking out the dent with special tools and the technician’s skill in doing the work. A dent in the metal of a car leads to stretching of the metal, so it becomes weaker in this state. This method can return the metal to its place without damaging the paint.

What Can You Fix with Paintless Dent Repair?

In this section, we will describe some of the main types of dents that can be effectively removed by removing the colorless dent:

  • Round dents: This type of damage is usually caused by hailstones and other round objects such as balls and other items. When these objects hit the car door, bumper, roof, or even the hood, they quickly create round dents.
  • Car Dings: These types of dents are caused by normal damage caused by a parking accident or small objects hitting the vehicle on a stormy day. Most of these damages are affordable to repair. It is better to repair them by PDR method in order to preserve the value of your car. It is expected that used cars will have minor defects such as minor scratches, but in any case, clean cars will sell faster and for more money.
  • Crease Dents: These damages are usually more complicated and time-consuming than other damages. These dents usually stretch the car’s metal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired through PDR. Thanks to the advancements in tools and technologies, these damages are no longer a threat.

It’s true that dents can look different in size and shape, but each one has its own challenges with different dent repair cost. Our advice to you is to make sure that you choose professionals for the repair.

What Can You Fix with Paintless Dent Repair?

What Can’t Be Fixed with Paintless Dent Repair?

It is true that paintless dent repair is a great solution for minor damage, but it cannot fix all damage. Scratches that have damaged the car’s paint should not be repaired with this method. The same reason applies to chipped, cracked, peeling or bubbling paint.

What is the Average Cost of Dent Repair?

Dent repair cost can range from £38.80 to £1940.12. Repairing small, shallow dents that are about an inch usually costs around £97.01. Repair costs for larger dents usually start from £116.41 and if the dent is deep or in a difficult area, the repair cost will be more expensive.

If the dent is in a part where your car has a sensor in that area, such as the bumper, the dent repair cost will increase greatly.

What is the Average Cost of Dent Repair?

Factors that can influence the dent repair cost

In this section, we will examine the factors influencing the dent repair cost:

Dent size

Typically, the dent repair cost will increase as the size of the dent increases. The dimple sizes are usually categorized by comparing them with different coins. The smaller dents are, the easier and faster they will be repaired.

Dent depth

The depth of dent can be classified based on size and shape, and this issue can be related to the cause of the dent. For example, hail can create a different type of depth and shape of dent compared to dent created in an accident. The depth and unevenness of the dent can affect the duration of its repair and naturally affect the cost of its repair.

Place of dent

Because the repair of dents in different areas has different difficulties, this factor will affect the repair cost. Access to some dents is easier and they can be repaired very easily, but some of them are in areas that are close to the edge of the panel, as a result, their repair requires more time and precision, so the cost of repair will be higher.

The number of dents

The number of dents created affects the repair cost. If the dents are superficial or all in the same area, the costs may be lower, but if there are several dents in different areas of the car, it can be more expensive because you will need more time to repair them.

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