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6 different types of car scratches which are Controversial

different types of car scratches

For a car lover like us, different types of car scratches are aggravating. It looks incredibly drab in our car, and no one who loves their car can stand it. Before we talk about how to fix it, we must fully comprehend the many kinds of scratches that might occur on our car. Despite your best efforts, scratches will eventually start to surface when you glance at your car, which is the last item you wish to see. There are several different kinds of scratches, this greatly affects how simple it is to fix them by scratch removal London. Because of this, we created this article to teach you all you need to know about different types of car scratches, including how to recognize them and fix the process.

The causes of types of car scratches

In different types of car scratches article, we tried to talk comprehensively about the types of car scratches. As you know, a minor scratch is not only annoying for the driver, but it can expose the paint or metal underneath the car to various elements and reduce the selling value of your car. In this section, along with all types of car scratches, we have brought you great news. You should know that most scratches can be repaired if you have the right tools and knowledge. Fast repair of all types of car scratches is very important because any delay in this process causes the paint or metal of the car to be exposed to various elements and cause more problems for you. As we said in the above section, if you intend to sell your car, you know that the selling value of a car with scratches will decrease. Next, we want to talk about how to create types of car scratches.

The cause of types of car scratches

What is the cause of all types of car scratches?

After you receive your car from the dealer, your car is susceptible to damage in different ways. In the following, we have mentioned 5 reasons for creating types of car scratches:

Improper car washing

As you know, keeping the car clean plays an important role in maintaining the appearance and maintenance of the car. Automatic car washes are a very easy and quick solution, but not all car washes are the right choice. For example, some car washes may have devices that cause many scratches on your car.

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Road debris

If there is a car in front of you while driving, there is a possibility that many pebbles will be thrown by the tires of the car facing towards the bumper and hood and even the roof of your car. You don’t have many solutions to prevent this. All you can do is keep a good distance from the car in front. Try not to drive behind cars like big trucks.

Unintentional contact with various agents

There may be various things such as the zipper of your clothes, car keys, or physical contact with the car fender, leading to various scratches. But do not worry because it is very easy to fix these damages.


Some profit-seeking people may try to create many scratches on your car by using sharp objects. This type of damage is uncomfortable and unfortunately it must be said that the repair of these damages is much more expensive than permanent damage.

What are the different types of car scratches?

Many different types of car scratches may occur on cars, so it’s important to determine which sort of scratch your car has and then approach the repair accordingly by windscreen services London if you want to get it back in working condition. For your convenience, we’ve highlighted six categories of car dents you can encounter.

1- Clear Coat Scratch

The most frequent car scratch is a clear coat scratch; fortunately, it’s also the simplest to treat. Only the top surface of your car is affected by clear coat scratches; the external layer is not truly scratched. While there are several methods available to assist you to spot a clear coat scratch, the simplest approach to make sure is to feel the area with your fingernail. It’s a clear coat scratch if you can see the damage but your fingernail doesn’t capture it when you lightly run it over the area. A clear coat scratch might be caused by many different things, but one of the most frequent reasons is road debris. Rocks and other roadside debris can harm your car’s clear coat if they hit or graze off it as you drive. Sleet, hail, and pretty much anything else that runs into your car can also damage the clear layer of your car. Kids and shopping carts are both frequent offenders!

Clear Coat Scratch


2- Base coat or paint scratch

Base coat scratches, commonly referred to as paint scratches, are the next stage of different types of car scratches. Although they haven’t yet penetrated through the paint, these scratches start to tear away at the paint. With the correct kit, they can still be fixed reasonably easily, although not all kits will work. The repair technique is much the same as when you test for a clear coat scratch, but the outcome is different. You have a base coat scratch if you can feel something when you run your fingertip over the blemish. With this kind of scratch, you’ll still be able to see the paint color rather than the metal. The majority of things that may cause a clear coat can hit your car harder and remove more paint. Another factor is failing to repair the protective clear layer when a scratch appears; later, another object strikes the same region. A clear coat scratch can become a base coat scratch when it is struck repeatedly in the same spot.

Base coat or paint scratch


3- Primer Scratch

If your car has severe dents that show the metal below, you have a primer scratch. The most dangerous sorts of scratches your car might have, and the ones that require the most attention to fix by windscreen chip repair London, are primer scratches. If you don’t fix primer scratches right away, corrosion and a host of other issues will develop. The majority of the time, primer scratches are rather simple to spot. You’re searching for bare metal. Your car has a primer scratch if you can see any metal there. There aren’t many reasons why primer scratches occur. The first potential factor is an older car whose paint you have never maintained. Smaller scratches accumulate over time, and if the clear coat isn’t restored, Ultimately they will penetrate the paint and reach the primer. Accidents of any kind are still another possible factor. Accidents do a lot of damage, and it’s not unusual for them to scrape the primer and remove a significant amount of paint.

Primer Scratch


4- Wheel Scratch

Not all scratch on your car is visible in the paint! Your wheels may also develop a curb rash, which is another fairly typical sort of scrape. Here, we’ll go through how those scratches happen. You pulling too near to a curb and it rubbing is by far the most typical reason for a wheel scratch. When this occurs, the wheel may be scratched or scuffed. Although rocks and other roadside debris might cause wheel scratches, most often it’s chipped, and even these are uncommon.

Wheel Scratch


5- Glass Scratch

A glass scratch is present if your car’s windscreen or similar glass surface has been scratched. Glass scratches happen often, especially on the windscreen. They frequently happen when a piece of road debris brushes against the glass but misses it hard enough to do any damage. Scratches can also happen in sandy or dusty conditions, especially if anything pushes the sand about. However, worn-out windscreen wipers are the main culprit for windscreen glass scratches. The scratch will deepen the longer you use the defective wipers.

Glass Scratch


6- Plastic trim scratch

It’s not the same as a scratch on your car if you have one on a plastic trim panel. You may need to replace the component if the scratches are sometimes beyond repair. Depending on where the impact happens, anything that may scratch a clear coat can also harm the plastic trim piece. These scratches may be caused by anything that impacts the trim piece, but road debris is a frequent culprit.

Plastic trim scratch


What distinguishes a scuff from a scratch?

If you see paint damage on your car, the first thing you should determine is if the damage is a scratch or a scuff. Although the two events do not match, they do occur at the same time. Surface damage such as scuffs frequently includes paint residue from the object that struck the car. You can buff out a scuff if that’s all it is. To fix your car, you won’t need any compounds or other supplies. When anything really pierces the clear coat or goes deeper, it leaves a scratch. Accidents frequently result in scratches at the point of contact that was the deepest, and scuffs might happen on the edges.

Do insurance policies cover car scratches?

If you are driving safely and someone is coming at you from the front, your car may get some minor damage. Your insurance policy comes in helpful in that situation, and the other group’s insurance claim will pay for all costs. However, your car won’t be covered by insurance if it sustains scratches from regular wear and tear, such as when a dog sits on the roof or hood or from a lot of snow.

How do I fix different car scratch types?

Different car scratch types need different solutions to fix. While superficial scratches can be easily repaired, more severe scratches require more professional attention. In the following, we will explain some methods to fix different and common car scratch types:

Use of mild abrasive compounds

You can start this process by washing the scratched area with soap and water. After drying, apply a rubbing compound on the damaged area and gently rub the area with the help of a microfiber cloth. This will go a long way in removing the scratch without damaging the car’s paint.

Touch-up paint

If the scratch is deeper than a surface scratch, you may need touch-up painting. You can start by cleaning the affected area with soap and water, then use a quality brush to apply touch-up paint to the affected area. Allow the paint to dry completely before applying a clear coat of sealant.

Using a clear scratch repair kit

If the scratch is minor, you can use the clear coat scratch repair kit to remove the scratch. These kits come with a combination of abrasive and clear coat sealant to help repair scratches.

Using a polishing compound

If the scratch is shallow, you can use a polishing compound to remove the scratch. Apply the polishing compound to a microfiber cloth and gently rub the affected area with the cloth to remove the scratch.

Using primer and auto paint

If the scratch is shallow, you can use primer and paint pen to remove the scratch. Start by cleaning the area with soap and water. Next, apply primer and paint to the damaged area. Allow the applied paint to dry completely before applying a clear coat of sealant.

Professional help

If the scratch is too deep or covers a large area, it is better to seek help from an expert in car scratch types field. A professional can help a lot in removing the scratch without further damage to the car’s paint So if you could not remove the scratch with the help of the above solutions, you don’t need to worry because you can always get help from ASAP experts to solve this problem. They consider the best way for you to check the scratches.

How do I fix different car scratch types?

Effectiveness of scratch removers

Everyone has seen the TV or YouTube commercial showing someone removing a car scratch with just a pen and scratch remover, but does it really work? Yes, it did work, but only on little scratches where the paint layer was the only thing damaged not for different types of car scratches. In these cases, it just filled the gap and made the scratch appear to be completely absent.

How much does scratch removal London cost?

It’s a challenging question about different types of car scratches. The severity, size, and placement of the scratch, as well as the specific car and paint, all go into the response. It might cost different to get a scratch removed by windscreen services London.

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Painting on types of scratches on cars

After the types of scratches on cars are checked, if it is determined that the scratches are not too deep and severe, you can fill these scratches using paint. Note that you should never use a brush or spray bottle for this because this method will worsen the scratch condition. You can use a needle or toothpicks to apply the color. Before you buy a color, be sure to pay attention to the color code mentioned in the car manual.

The impact of types of scratches on cars

As you know, a car with scratches does not look good, but besides this, you should know that scratches have other effects on the car. If you want to repair scratches, you should keep in mind that the cost of repairing scratches depends on the types of scratches on cars. Considering this issue, the cost of repairing a scratch may be more than you think. Of course, many minor scratches can be easily removed using DIY methods. It is usually very deep and severe scratches that require a professional repair expert. Besides this effect, it should be said that the scratches on the car have a great impact on the resale value of your car. As you know, car buyers are looking for any kind of visible damage and if they see scratches, they may charge you a lower price. You cannot hide the scratches on the car because it is difficult, especially the deeper ones are completely visible to the naked eye. Our advice to you is to do the repair as soon as possible for types of scratches on cars to prevent the scratches from spreading and also to pay less for the scratch removal in the future.

The impact of types of scratches on cars

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