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Free HGV windscreen zone guide | The law and risk

HGV windscreen zone

Sometimes the rules regarding windshield repair and replacement and HGV windscreen zone are not simple because there are many differences between what is considered a light scratch and a heavy scratch and crack. Because of these differences, everything becomes more complicated and difficult for HGV.

When it comes to windscreen repair and inspection for HGVs you know that certain rules are required to ensure that the windscreen size is taken into account. Next, we want to talk about HGV windscreen zone in more detail to help speed up your reviews.

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HGV windscreen zone

One of the key differences regarding HGV windscreen zone is their size. Therefore, when assessing the amount of specific damage to the HGV windscreen zone, the location of the damage is very important because the presence of damage in a specific area may put the driver at risk.

To better understand this, imagine that HGV windshields have different parts. Zone A is 350 mm wide and is located in the swept area of the screen and in the center of the steering wheel. We can consider this area as the driver’s immediate vision area and actually the most important part of the windshield. On the other hand, zone B is the rest of the swept area of the windshield, which covers most of the other passengers’ view. At the end, the area C, the rest of the windshield is swept outside the logic.

The reason for categorizing these areas is that when evaluating damage or color change, more damage can be accepted in area C than area B. Also, it can be accepted that the rate of the damage is higher in area B than in area A. Zone A is the zone where even a minor damage should be considered a problem and your car cannot be towed.

To ensure that your HGVs are road legal, you can contact our experts to inspect your vehicle.

HGV windscreen zone

What items can encroach on the swept area?

It is true that damage and discoloration can be avoided, but there are certain features of HGVs that exceed Zone A or B but are acceptable because they help the driver or are necessary to comply with the rules and regulations. These are listed below:

  • Vehicle distance or lane marking systems
  • Operation license
  • Automatic wiper detector
  • Fresnel lens
  • Split windshields
  • Wipers that park adjacent to a central pillar
  • Driver monitoring systems
  • Driver aids such as curtains and their installation

It is very important to pay attention to these points, that is, if these features seriously limit the driver’s vision, they may no longer be acceptable.

What are the dangers of driving with a cracked windshield?

You may have noticed by now that even a small crack along the windshield or a small stone chip or two can be dangerous to continue driving. Of course, it should be kept in mind that minor injuries may not be an immediate concern at first, but over time they can become a safety hazard.

Small infiltrations from the vehicle in operation as well as expansion and contraction caused by the temperature difference inside and outside the car cause the cracks to widen and cause the stone chips to become larger cracks.

When cracks get too large, they severely reduce the windshield’s ability to protect against wind, bugs, projectiles, and other elements. Also, seemingly calm or even severe collisions can lead to breaking the windshield, and this situation is not ideal.

So it is much better to have your windshield professionally repaired. Be careful that the cost of windshield repairs is usually cheaper than the complete replacement of the windshield. Also, by performing repair services for HGV windscreen zone, you guarantee the safety of yourself and your other passengers, and there will be no legal problems for you because your glass It is ready for the MOT test.

What are the dangers of driving with a cracked windshield?

Does a broken windshield lead to a failed MOT?

This depends on many things. In general, it is important to ensure that the visible area in front of the driver and HGV windscreen zone is free of any defects when participating in the annual MOT test. But if you want to know more precisely what rules your car glass must comply with so that you can pass the MOT test well, there are some points that we have discussed below. The following items will be considered in the test:

  • A damage that is at least 40 mm in size and is at any point of the windshield
  • A damage that is at least 10 mm in size and is in the driver’s direct vision area, i.e. in area A
  • The side windows on both sides of the driver are damaged
  • If the driver’s field of vision is unclear, excessive tinting of the glass will result in failing the test

In short, there are many reasons that can cause you to fail your MOT test. As a result, it is better to take your car to a professional repair shop before taking this test to make sure that your test is not damaged and that your car is safe and portable.

If your test doesn’t pass well, you have to spend a lot of money and time for this, and you have to consider another date for the test and repair or replace the glass before that.

Does a broken windshield lead to a failed MOT?

Tips to prevent windshield damage

There may be damage to your windshield for various reasons, but you cannot repair it immediately, so you are looking to prevent any further damage until the time of repair. As the damages spread, the structural integrity of the windshield also faces problems.

Try to assess the damage to the glass. Usually, minor damage even in area A is not as dangerous as a big crack. If the damage caused is in the form of large cracks, it is better not to drive your vehicle and use a mobile glass service so that they come to you.

You can visit a glass specialist to fix minor damage, they usually fix the damage with a resin compound according to the damage. This is usually done in an hour. When a windshield is repaired professionally and according to standards, it provides complete structural stability to the car, so you can continue driving.

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