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How to Defog Windscreen in Summer Rain and How to Prevent It

How to Defog Windscreen in Summer Rain

Have you ever encountered sudden windscreen fogging while driving in summer rain? This issue poses a serious danger as it significantly impairs visibility on the road. In this blog, we will explore the causes of this phenomenon, effective techniques to defog your windscreen during summer rain, and preventive measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again and answer the question, how to defog windscreen in summer rain?

Understanding the Causes of Windscreen Fogging

The temperature and humidity difference between the inside and outside of your car causes the windscreen to fog up. When warm and moist air inside your car comes into contact with the cold glass, it condenses and forms tiny droplets that scatter light and reduce visibility. This phenomenon, known as the dew point, can also occur in reverse during hot weather when the hot air outside the car hits the cold windscreen due to the use of AC.

Understanding the Causes of Windscreen Fogging

Techniques for Defog Your Windscreen

There are some simple techniques you can use to clear the fog. While most of these occurrences happen in winter and cold weather, in summer, the fog on the windscreen can easily be cleared using windscreen wipers. Here are some tips you can follow:

Using the Defog Button

Most modern cars have a defog button that automatically adjusts the settings of the air conditioning system to clear the fog from the car. A windscreen icon with three wavy lines usually represents the defog button. When you press it, the AC turns on, the temperature is set to high, and the airflow is directed to the windscreen. This helps evaporate the moisture on the glass and balances the temperature inside and outside your car.

Using AC and Heating Simultaneously

If you are stuck in situations like this and don’t have a Defog Button, you can defog your car by this method. You must turn your heater and AC conditioning system Simultaneously. The air conditioner can dehumidify the vehicle, and the heat can help evaporation. It operates quickly and makes the fog disappear right away.

Cracking Open the Window

A simple way to how to defog windscreen in summer rain is to lower your window slightly. This allows fresh air to enter your car, reduces the humidity level inside, and helps equalize the temperature inside and outside the vehicle, preventing fogging.

Using the fresh air setting

The fresh air setting brings the fresh air from the outside to the inside. You can turn it on by switching the AC conditions system, which will bring in outside air and push out the moist air inside.

Silica Balls

Silica balls are small beads that can absorb moisture from the air. They are often used to keep electronics, shoes, or food dry. You can also use them to defog your windscreen in summer rain by placing them in a sock or a pack on your dashboard. They act as a natural dehumidifier and keep your windscreen clear of fog.

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How to Prevent Windscreen Fogging

With these instructions about how to defog windscreen in summer rain or cold weather, you won’t have any worries about it anymore. But there are still some things to do to prevent it from happening. Here are some ways to prevent it from happening:

  •  Keep your windscreen clean. Dirt, dust, or grease on your windscreen can attract moisture and make it more prone to fogging. Regularly wipe both sides of your windscreen using a glass cleaner.
  •  Apply an anti-fog product. Some products can be purchased and applied to your windscreen as a thin film that increases resistance to fogging.

How to Prevent Windscreen Fogging

Why my windscreen gets foggy

There are different reasons why windscreen fogging occurs. Here are the main ones:

Sleeping in the car

Sleeping in the car for a while can increase the humidity inside the cabin. Human breathing creates lots of humidity, spatially, when it comes to several hours of sleeping with drawn-up windows. Wet stuff, such as humid beach towels or bathing suits, etc., can cause a huge amount of fog on the windscreen during summer.


Raining always raises the level of humidity. Even in summer, if the temperature of the inside and outside of the car is not the same, it can fog p your windscreen.

Using Air-circulation

This option on the AC conditioning system circulates the air inside the vehicle and, with passengers breathing, slowly raises the humidity and fogs up the windows and windscreen. For those with RVs, cooking, showering, etc., are the main causes of increasing humidity inside the cabin.

Why my windscreen gets foggy


Fogged windshields can be bothersome and dangerous when driving in summer rain. However, with the right techniques, you can quickly clear the fog using the defog button, air conditioning, window adjustment, fresh air setting, or silica balls. Additionally, you can prevent fogging in the future by keeping your windshield clean, using anti-fog products, and avoiding wet objects in your car. These tips help you how to defog windscreen in summer rain and allow you to enjoy safe and comfortable summer driving without foggy windshields.

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