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The 3 easiest methods to stop windscreen crack

How to stop windscreen crack

The car’s windscreen may crack at any time and for any reason. This crack may be big or as small as a chip. It is better if you can use the windscreen repair London service quickly so you can stop windscreen crack, but if you are in a situation where you can’t repair your windscreen, you should repair it as soon as possible. You can’t leave the car’s windscreen in the same state because the crack may get bigger so it is no longer useful to repair it. Finally, if you don’t stop the windscreen crack, you may need to replace your car’s windscreen. If you are looking for solutions to stop windscreen crack, stay with us until the end of this article to know what you do to take for these cracks.

Why a windscreen cracked is dangerous?

For sure, the cracks created on the car’s windscreen are uncomfortable, but if you are busy, you should still prioritize the repair of your windscreen to stop windscreen crack. The longer you take time to repair it, the more likely it is that the crack will spread on the glass. Also, the dirt hidden in the cracks in the car’s windscreen will make it more difficult to repair it. If the crack becomes deep, it is already too late to repair it but it does not mean that no more action can be taken, at this stage, you should replace your car’s windscreen as soon as possible. In this section, we have given you some reasons to know why car’s windscreen cracks are dangerous:

1-Car’s windscreen cracks make accidents more dangerous for you

Your car’s windscreen has an integrated structure and this is an advantage for your vehicle. If your windscreen is already cracked during an accident, the roof of the car will likely collapse, and this can lead to serious injuries for you or even increase the risk of death.

2-Cracks on the car’s windscreen lead to the driver’s lack of concentration

Cracks in the glass reflect different lights into your eyes and this can distract you or even lead to your vision loss. Also, the police can send you a fine because of these cracks.

3-A cracked windscreen reduces the beauty of your car

If you are planning to sell your car, you want your car to look its best. Also, if you don’t intend to sell, you still want your car to look good. Replacing or repairing your windscreen on time shows that you care about your vehicle.

Stop cracks on the windscreen

There are various solutions that drivers can use to stop windscreen cracks. Of course, keep in mind that some solutions can increase the speed of glass cracking:

Using a windscreen repair kit

By purchasing a windshield repair kit, you can follow one of the solutions of how to stop windscreen crack. You know that the best way to prevent a crack from spreading is to fix it. Various repair kits are available at specialty shops and stores and are a convenient and cost-effective way how to stop windscreen crack. These kits usually contain a special glue liquid and a syringe, and the process is to inject glue into the gap with a syringe. In the first step, to use these kits, you must clean the windshield completely and remove the debris and dirt from the crack. Clean the glass using a microfiber towel and cleaning solution. Remove any debris from the gap with a sewing needle, then allow the windshield to dry completely. Be careful not to get any of the cleaning solution into the slot. Then apply resin or special kit glue in the gap and let the gap area dry completely. Now put the glue in the applicator and in this way inject the glue into the gap area and let it dry completely.

  • Note: Each repair kit has special and different recipes and methods, so read all the instructions of the repair kit before use.

Using a windscreen repair kit


Apply tape on the glass crack

One of the things you can do on how to stop windscreen crack is to apply a special tape on the crack, use a suitable glass cleaner to clean the windshield. Clean the windshield using a microfiber towel or any clean cloth with the help of glass cleaner. Clean the area around the crack using a towel or cloth completely from debris. Then let the glass dry completely. As a tip, keep in mind that you should not spray the glass cleaning solution directly on the damaged area, as this will interfere with the repair process. After cleaning the glass crack, use a sewing needle to remove any debris that may be in the cracks. Now you need to cover the crack with adhesive tape. Try to use strong and clear tape like packing tape. Be sure to check that the crack is completely covered with tape so that no debris or dirt gets into the crack. The reason why it is recommended to use transparent tape is that there is no distraction for you and you can have a good view while driving. The bottom line is that tape can only prevent further damage and shouldn’t eliminate repair from your list of programs.

Apply tape on the glass crack

Temperature changes

The car’s glass expands in hot weather and shrinks when it gets cold. If you direct a heating valve towards your cracked windscreen when the weather is cold, the crack on the glass may suddenly expand. As a result, your only solution is to replace the car’s windscreen So, keep in mind to park your car in areas where the sun does not shine and do not use ice breakers until you have repaired the glass.

Proper planning for windscreen repair or replacement

Repairing the windscreen cracks is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest windscreen services London that you can use to stop windscreen crack but keep in mind that if the cracks are more than three inches, they will not be repairable. Contact us to get more information about the processes of repairing and replacing the car’s windscreen so that we can consider the best advice for you. You can also book an appointment with a simple call.

How are the cracked windscreens repaired?

Now, if you decide to repair your car’s windscreen, you might want to know how to repair the cracks on the car’s windscreen. So, stay with us to review these methods:


This patch may be one of the easiest solutions for a damaged windscreen, although it is probably the least effective. They work by applying a clear patch over the cracked part of the windscreen. That patch hardens and strengthens that part of the glass. This method is one of the simplest solutions to fixing a car’s windscreen damage.

Of course, this method has little effectiveness. With this method, the damaged part of the glass is covered with a transparent patch to strengthen that part of the glass. As mentioned, this method does not fill the gap created on the glass, it just keeps that part together. This method is not recommended for long and is only a short-term solution for stop windscreen crack.


This method is one of the most common methods for repairing the car windscreen. Of course, it is important which specialist you choose for this method because the substance which is injected for you is necessary. This method is very popular because it is effective and safe. This method can clean and fill the cracks well so there aren’t any cracks on the glass after using this method. It’s a long-time way to repair the windscreen.

Windscreen replacement

If the car’s windscreen is severely damaged, it must be completely replaced. This method is also very simple. Our team will remove your windscreen along with its parts and then install completely new glass for you.

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