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When is a cracked windscreen illegal in the United Kingdom

When is a cracked windscreen illegal

One of the most frequent sorts of damage you’ll encounter on your car is cracks in the windshield. A branch falling from a tree or a piece of loose gravel might quickly develop a fissure.  Despite the fact that the fracture may be little, it’s still crucial to understand the regulations regarding chipped windshields and also how broken windscreens impact your safety while driving. Windscreen cracks are fairly common, and if you drive every day, the implications could be disastrous. Read on to learn when is a cracked windscreen illegal if you’re unsure whether or not the chip in your windscreen is something to be concerned about or if you can get away with this week’s journey after a windscreen accident.

When is a cracked windscreen illegal

How a windshield cracks?

The leading reasons for windscreen cracks and chips are listed below for the knowledge of all car owners.

  • Cold weather
  • Direct sunlight
  • Road debris and stones
  • The environment
  • Structure-related Issues
  • Direct Impact

Let’s investigate them in better detail.

Will a really cold weather cause my windscreen to chip or crack?

The windscreen may regularly expand and contract as a result of temperature changes, eventually beginning to crack throughout its length. In the presence of moisture, large cracks may also spread more quickly. If the inside of the car is 20 degrees Celsius and the outside is 40 degrees, the glass compresses and distorts. For example, when a windscreen is heated to melt frost, this might happen. In actuality, even a minor crack or chip in the windscreen could cause damage.

Will a really cold weather cause my windscreen to chip or crack?

Will my windscreen get chips or cracks from direct sunlight?

Direct sunlight isn’t one of the most frequent causes of windscreen cracks in England because the country doesn’t experience exceptionally high temperatures all that regularly. But when it occurs, the intense heat may cause the windscreen to shatter or alter the shape of the glass. If you want to avoid having the sun’s rays damage your windscreen, park your car in the shade or cover it with a sun shade.

Will my windscreen get chips or cracks from direct sunlight?

Can road debris and stones scratch my windscreen?

Small stones thrown in front of the car are one of the most frequent causes of windscreen cracking. This occurs when large trucks are passing and drop little stones as they move forward or when roads are being constructed and have loose stones on the freeway.  The screens of the cars in back are struck by the stones as they rebound off the ground. It’s crucial to slow down when another car is overtaking you in order to prevent this. Keep in mind that even the smallest fracture can quickly grow, and before you realize it, you’ll need to replace the entire screen by car window replacement London.

Can windscreen damage from bad weather occur?

Another reason for windscreen chips is bad weather. The roadside debris may be blown and launched into the air by thunderstorms. Chips can also form in your car’s glass as a result of hail or ice chunks. It is advised to avoid driving during a hurricane and to store your car in the yard or another covered place to prevent weather-related damage to it.

If there is any structural weakness, will my windscreen crack?

A car’s safety systems heavily rely on the windscreen. In the event of a collision, they assist with roof support and act as a deflector for the passenger-side airbags. Because of this, windscreens are mounted using a powerful adhesive; yet, structural pressure might lead them to break. The manufacturing procedure and glass quality are other important factors. It’s common to find leftover impact along the edge of a glass that has been heated and cooled. Because of this, windscreen edges are always the frailest and most vulnerable to breaking.

Can my windscreen be damaged by direct impacts?

Another potential reason for cracks is direct impact. This is frequently unanticipated and challenging to avoid. Accidents can occur at any time, and if they are severe enough, your windscreen may be broken or cracked as a result. Animals on the road may also directly affect traffic. The glass of your car may fracture as a result of a flying bird or other wildlife striking it.

How risky is a crack in the windscreen?

A cracked windscreen has the potential to endanger your car’s safety.

A Block to Visibility

Driving can be made more difficult by windscreen cracks blocking your line of sight, especially in poor light or bad weather. Driving when your vision is impaired can make you more likely to be involved in an accident or a traffic jam. A shattered windscreen also causes constant distractions. Additionally, cracks often reflect sunlight, creating a blinding glare. This might put the lives of the people inside your automobile, including you.

Deficiency in Structural Integrity

The car roof gains 40% more strength with a completely functioning windscreen glass. Your car’s windscreen serves one of its most important purposes when doing this. A break in the glass, however, can weaken it and make it practically difficult for the windscreen to effectively carry out its life-saving job. Because of this, if the car rolls over, the roof may fall, seriously hurting the occupants.

Accidental Deaths

The windscreen in your car is intended to keep you and the other occupants safe, particularly in crashes. In contrast, a shattered windscreen won’t be able to withstand the force of a front-end collision, endangering the lives of the people within the car. Furthermore, you face the risk of being thrown from the car if you are involved in an accident and are not wearing a seatbelt.

Airbag’s Ineffective Deployment

In the event of a serious collision, the windscreen of your car also aids in the appropriate airbag deployment. In order for the airbags to deploy toward the passengers, they need the windscreen to act as a backstop. However, if the windscreen has already cracks in it, the power of the airbag deployment may break it, causing an airbag deployment malfunction and leaving the occupants at risk for deadly injury.

Glass shattering

The majority of car windscreens are comprised of laminated glass. The purpose of laminated glass is to keep the broken shards of glass together. In contrast to ordinary glass, the glass won’t break into jagged fragments. But only windscreens without prior damage are applicable to this. If your car’s windscreen is cracked, the glass will break in the case of an accident or impact, seriously injuring the occupants. There is no protection for the car’s occupants from a fractured windshield that shatter on impact.

Windscreen crack law UK

When is a cracked windscreen illegal? This is a question that concerns the minds of most drivers. Drivers are always looking for the correct answer to this question. As we discussed in detail in this article, the windscreen crack law UK says that all the glass inside the car must be in its best condition. Now, another question that arises here is whether it is possible to issue a fine for having a cracked glass? The windscreen crack law UK of the road states that a car with a damaged windshield is one of the cars that are dangerous to drive. As a result, this issue can result in three penalty points for you. In addition to the windscreen crack law UK of the road, MOT tests have special rules in this regard. If the size of the windshield damage is more than 40 mm, the test will fail and all the damage must be repaired before retesting. For your ease of understanding, it is better to divide the glass into two areas. Zone A is in front of the driver and zone B is in front of the passenger. Any crack and damage located in the first zone can lead to the failure of the test, even if its size is 10 mm. Keep in mind that some cracks may not be in front of the driver’s view, so the test will not be damaged, but you should know that the cracks will become wider after time and their repair should not be postponed. Try to repair the cracks as soon as possible. Regarding car insurance, it should be said that usually some insurances do not cover all the repair costs, so you should check your insurance policy before the repair. In general, you should know that driving with a damaged windshield is not a good risk. If you ignore the windscreen crack law UK, your health is more important So try not to delay repairing the damage and do it as soon as possible.

Windscreen crack law UK

Different windscreen zones

  • Zone A is a vertical section that is 290mm broad, located in the sweeping area of the windscreen and centered on the steering wheel (this area is 350mm wide on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes)
  • The rest of the windscreen’s swept area is known as Zone B.

Different windscreen zones

Can a windscreen with a crack fail a MOT?

An MOT failure due to damage to your car’s windscreen is possible.  Your car will fail its MOT if the windscreen has any damage that is 40mm or larger. Before being retested, the crack will need to be repaired by windscreen repair London. However, if the damage on a cracked windscreen is within the so-called windscreen Zone A, even a 10mm-sized scratch results in a MOT failure. This zone, which is 290mm wide and centered on the steering wheel, is the area of the windscreen that is directly in front of the driver’s line of sight. If you have a cracked or chipped windscreen and your car is scheduled for a MOT, you must make windscreen chip repair London immediately and know that when is a cracked windscreen illegal; otherwise, the car will not be judged roadworthy. Driving with a cracked windscreen is a regular issue, but if it occurs to you, make sure to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Can a windscreen with a crack fail a MOT?

How can I prevent a crack in my windscreen from getting worse?

The propagation of a windscreen crack can be slowed down or stopped using a few different techniques that car owners might employ.

Use Super Glue or Clear Nail Polish as adhesive

Clean the windscreen with paper towels and car glass cleaner before attempting to patch the gap. Then, as a low-fidelity fix, dab the chip with transparent nail paint or superglue. In order to help keep dirt out till you can have the chip fixed, let the polish or glue dry completely before covering the area with a piece of transparent packing tape.

Use Super Glue or Clear Nail Polish as adhesive

Make use of a windscreen repair kit

Genuine windscreen repair kits can be bought at nearby hardware stores. To use this, you must be confident drilling a very small hole in the top layer of glass with a 1/16-inch drill bit. Once the glass is sealed, the stress on the windscreen is reduced, and cracks are prevented from forming, force the specific resin from the repair kit into the hole. If you do a good job, you might just need to fix this one thing.

Make use of a windscreen repair kit

Avoid Extreme Changes in Temperature

In warm temperature, glass expands, whereas in cold weather, it contracts. In cold weather, aiming a heating vent towards your cracked windshield may cause the fracture to spread rapidly. You will then be forced to replace the glass by windscreen installation London. To avoid this, keep your car in the shade whenever possible and wait to use the window defroster until the chip has been replaced.

Schedule a Glass Replacement or Repair

Filling a rock chip is a quick, simple, and reasonably priced operation. If at all possible, try to have your windscreen repaired. A repair might not be feasible if the break extends over three inches. Fortunately, windscreen services London can make your car, truck, safe once more by performing repairs and replacements. Please get in touch with Asap car glass right now to book services, learn more about our windscreen replacement and repair procedure, or both.

Schedule a Glass Replacement or Repair

How much does a windscreen cost to fix or replace?

The size and extent of the damage determine how much it will cost to repair a chipped windscreen. Larger chips and cracks than a £2 coin typically need replacing the entire object.

To get more information about costs visit price list.

The benefits of having your windscreen repaired

There are several beliefs about car windscreen repair and when is a cracked windscreen illegal. One is that getting a windscreen repaired is too expensive, particularly if you don’t have insurance or any other kind of coverage for this kind of damage. Another belief is that since you can just buy a new windscreen, the process is pointless and not worth the bother. These presumptions are completely false in actuality. Here are advantages of hiring a pro to fix your car’s windscreen.

You Save Cash

When compared to the price of purchasing a new glass the expense of accidents that may occur if you drive around with an unsafe glass your windscreen repaired is not very expensive. The best news is that most car windscreen repairs are quick and simple, saving you money on added charges like storage.

Time can be saved

A windscreen replacement takes far longer than a windscreen repair. Most windscreen repairs may be completed in an hour or less by an auto glass expert, and most downtime is minimal. Larger cracks can need you to miss work, but auto glass professionals can frequently come to you if necessary, making it less of a hassle.

Time can be saved

A windscreen replacement takes far longer than a windscreen repair. Most windscreen repairs may be completed in an hour or less by an auto glass expert, and most downtime is minimal. Larger cracks can need you to miss work, but auto glass professionals can frequently come to you if necessary, making it less of a hassle.

Your windscreen is able to be saved

Repairing rather than replacing your car windscreen saves money and protects the environment by preventing the disposal of a perfectly fine windscreen. Additionally, since you won’t have to spend money on a new windscreen, it’s better for your wallet.

You’ll find comfort once more

You probably feel nervous driving if your windscreen is chipped or cracked for fear of the glass shattering. However, once your windscreen has been fixed and you know when is a cracked windscreen illegal you may drive with assurance because you know it is structurally sound and won’t break while you’re driving.

It Can raise the value of your car

Consumers are willing to spend extra for cars with unaffected windscreens, according to studies, and they even steer clear of old cars with windscreen chips. Therefore, if you intend to sell your car in the future, getting your windscreen fixed can help you obtain more money.

It is able to stop further harm

If you ignore chips and cracks, they will only worsen over time and eventually ruin your windscreen permanently. By getting your windscreen fixed right away, you may prevent this situation.

It’s beneficial to the environment

You may contribute to fewer windscreens being dumped in landfills each year by getting your windshield repaired. Recycling windscreens is far more difficult than recycling glass because of the chemical makeup of the plastic film some windscreens contain (to keep them from cracking). Therefore, it is preferable for the environment to get your windscreen repaired.

Your glass will appear fantastic

Cracks may not seem like a big deal when you’re driving about with a few chips in your glass, but a chipped or cracked windscreen detracts from the aesthetic of any car, which is terrible for resale value. Fortunately, hiring professional repairs guarantees that your car looks better and is safer to drive.

It Will Make Your Windscreen Stronger

Windscreen repairs, while not as durable as brand-new glass, are preferable than ignoring a crack or chip. Professional services can frequently fix cracks up to three inches long sufficiently well to improve the windscreen’s future resistance to the elements and increase driving safety. Windscreens should be fixed as soon as practical if they are cracked or chipped. You could even be able to completely avoid buying a new windscreen in addition to being safer. For all of your needs for car windscreen repair services, contact Asap car glass.

Suggestions for preventing more windscreen damage

Windscreens are crucial for your safety when driving because they act as a barrier between you and flying debris like bugs and dust. We should pay greater attention to car windows given everything that they do for us since they maintain the structural integrity of the car. Along with maintaining the windscreens clean, we should routinely check them for any cracks or problems that could be quite dangerous and know that when is a cracked windscreen illegal. Additionally, it never hurts to take preventative measures, so keep reading to find out how to avoid cracked windscreens.

Drive gently and slowly.

When moving at a fast speed, the impact of any foreign objects is considerably more harmful, which can lead to cracks and other damage to the windscreen. Driving slowly and attentively is the only protection you can give your windscreen because the flying objects hit the shield with much greater power. As there is a danger that the wind or water will carry things that can chip your screen, weather conditions like rain, snow, or wind can further enhance the likelihood of windscreen damage. This is why it’s important to drive carefully when the weather is bad.

Skip the traffic lanes

Driving on a busy street with a lot of traffic increases your risk of developing a crack. The number of cars on the road makes it more likely that anything will strike your car’s shield from the car in front. Additionally, flying debris from the car in front of you, such flying pebbles, may end up striking your windscreen and cracking it.

Skip the traffic lanes

Keep a Secure Distance

Highways are a significant source of windscreen damage. This is due to the fact that accidents are much more likely when cars are moving at high speeds. Keep a safe gap between your car and the car in front of you when driving on the highway, especially if the car is a four-wheeler like a lorry or a dump truck towing a big load. Without a roof, these cars are more likely to have materials fly out and hit your windscreen, breaking it.

Keep a Secure Distance

Don’t use gravel

Debris and other small items, such as gravel or other small rocks, are a major cause of windscreen damage. If you drive over the gravel quickly, it may be thrown into the air and may hit your windscreen, causing damage.

Park inside

Temperature fluctuations and items striking parked cars can also cause windscreen damage. Parking your cars indoors will prevent the sun from weakening your shield by causing the glass to expand as a result of the heat. You can prevent windscreens from getting scratched by any errant flying objects by parking under a covered location.

Drive with cracked windscreen

It is never a good idea to drive with a cracked windshield. Little stone chips or hairline cracks may not seem like a huge concern at first, but they will continue to spread until the windscreen becomes dangerous, endangering you and your passengers. A crucial part of your car’s structural integrity is its windscreen. It shields you from the elements, insects, gravel and pebbles, and, of course, wind in addition to giving you visibility on the road or highway in front of you. Also, it safeguards you in case of an accident. It should be clear to drive with a cracked windshield, but is it prohibited in the UK?

Drive with cracked windscreen

The risks of driving with a cracked windshield

Is it really a huge problem if your windscreen has a small crack or chip running along it? Little imperfections like stone chips and cracks may not seem hazardous at first, but they will eventually pose a serious threat to safety. Stone chips will enlarge into bigger cracks as a result of temperature fluctuations inside and outside the car and slight vibrations from driving vehicles, typically in the form of a spiderweb. The windscreen’s ability to shield against wind, insects, missiles, and the elements is severely weakened as soon as fractures get big enough. Furthermore, even minor bumps or head-on collisions can break a windscreen, sending flying chunks of interior glass at high speeds. It is significantly less optimal to Drive with cracked windscreen than to have it fixed as soon as possible. In addition to ensuring your safety and the safety of your passengers while keeping your car compliant with the law and prepared for the upcoming MOT test, windscreen repairs are often much less expensive than having the windscreen completely replaced.

Is it legal to drive in the UK with a cracked windshield?

Is it illegal to operate a vehicle in the UK while the windshield is cracked? Yes. Depending on the extent of the damage and where it is on the windscreen, driving with a damaged windscreen may be illegal. If the police determine that your windscreen is dangerous, they have the ability to fine you and take three points off your license. The Traffic Regulations state that the windscreen cannot have flaws like cracks or stone chips that impair the driver’s field of vision. The fact that the Traffic Rules are not a binding legal document could interest you. Instead, the Road Traffic Act permits the assessment of fines and demerit points against motorists who have windscreen imperfections.

Follow these suggestions to prevent additional windscreen damage.

Now that your windscreen may have a stone chip or crack, you may be wondering how to stop further harm from occurring while you wait for repairs. The structural integrity of the windscreen and, consequently, the entire vehicle deteriorates as cracks and stone chips spread outward. To determine the extent of the harm, use your best judgment. One or two little stone chips caused by loose stones hitting the windscreen are probably less dangerous than a tiny, spiderweb-shaped crack running from end to end of the glass, especially if it occurs outside of zone A directly in front of the steering wheel. In the latter case, call a mobile Asap windscreen professional who will come to your car’s location and do scratch removal London immediately away rather than attempting to drive your car anywhere.

What are the windscreen laws in the UK?

You should be aware as a driver that your car’s windscreen is a crucial component. As a result, you should be aware of windscreen laws in the UK if your windscreen is damaged and you are still operating a vehicle in that state. We will provide you with all the information you require regarding the issues caused by a damaged windscreen in this area as your guide. Prior to them growing into larger issues, try to solve the smaller issues.

What are the windscreen laws in the UK?

UK regulations regarding windshields

You should be aware that if your car’s windscreen is cracked or broken, you may be breaking the law because it is extremely risky to drive with a cracked or broken windscreen. The driver’s vision should not be compromised as a result of windscreen damage, according to windscreen laws in the UK. Windscreen damage such as a chip or even a crack is a sign that you are breaking the law. These regulations are necessary since failing to employ windscreen repair London services when there is a chip or fracture in the windscreen could impair your ability to focus, raising the possibility of accidents. As a result, there exist unique regulations for these crucial issues.

Why is replacing a cracked windscreen important?

Keep the windscreen of your car in good shape. This glass offers excellent protection from wind and rain. Also, a windscreen that is clear and unharmed gives the driver a superb view. Any break in the windscreen can hamper the driver’s vision and be extremely hazardous while driving in traffic. Windscreen cracks can reflect light from the sun and other sources, which might impair the driver’s eyesight. The vehicle windscreen is a crucial component of the vehicle’s overall structure, therefore if it is put improperly, the airbag in the vehicle may not operate as intended. Following the windscreen laws in the UK is required as a result of all these instances.

Driving with a cracked windshield is it against the law?

Driving with your windshield is cracked is illegal, as we mentioned in the preceding sections. The UK’s windscreen laws mandate that car windows be kept in good condition and that drivers have a clear view of the road at all times.

Using a vehicle without a valid MOT

A £1,000 fine is possible for driving without a MOT. Additionally, infractions of the windscreen laws in the UK, which alone carry penalties of 6 to 8 penalty points, will result in the cancellation of your auto insurance. You must get your car inspected if it is older than three years before you apply for its tax; otherwise, you risk receiving another punishment. So that you can simply drive your car on the roads, you need a current MOT.

About the cracked windscreen law UK

If you are one of the people who live in England, you know very well that driving with a broken or cracked windshield is a dangerous thing and this can lead to you being fined. In addition to the cost that you have to pay for this dangerous work, your safety is also at risk. That is, if we don’t consider the issue of costs, the issue of health and safety of you and the passengers of the car will be prioritized while driving. This is why the cracked windscreen law UK pays so much attention to this issue. Windscreen services London have discussed about it completely and comprehensively in this article. All the questions that may arise in your mind have been collected in this article so that you can easily gain knowledge about this issue.

About the cracked windscreen law UK


Usually, some drivers do not pay enough attention to the cracked windscreen law UK and may postpone the repair of the cracks to another time. But they should know that the later they do this, the cost of repair will be higher because the damage will be more extensive. Also, with the passage of time, the damage done to the windshield may not be repairable by windscreen repair London, so car window replacement London services should be prioritized. In addition to the fact that glass replacement is different from repair in terms of costs, it also differs in the type of methods and process time So if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in addition to paying the appropriate fee, it is better to make a correct decision in this matter so that you do not regret it in the future. It should be said that some damages can be repaired by yourself, so you will have no excuse to postpone the repair time. cracked windscreen law UK says that the important issue is that your car glass is healthy and undamaged. It means that it does not matter if you repaired it yourself or if you got help from a professional windscreen chip repair London team. Of course, keep in mind that many damages to the glass should be checked by a car glass specialist because you may cause the damage to spread due to lack of skill or expertise during the repair.

How to fix hairline crack in windscreen?

Car windows are exposed to various impacts and scratches, and hairline crack in windscreen may occur. As a result, repairing these damages and hairline crack in windscreen is the first step you should take. The repair process may seem tedious, but it is easy if done with the right equipment and knowledge. Read the rest of this section to know exactly what to do.

How to fix hairline crack in windscreen?

Check the car windows

In the first step, you should check all the windows of the car, including the rear window and the front window. You may find more cracks in this review that need more attention.

Buy a bridge kit

Bridge kit has all the necessary equipment to repair windshield glass and also repair hairline crack in windscreen of the car. These kits include tools that are the best option for hairline crack in windscreen. You can buy these kits from auto parts stores.

Buy a bridge kit


Clean the crack

Try to get rid of any dirt and debris and clean the glass completely.

Add end cracks

Use a metal probe to create bull’s-eye cracks at each end of the hairline. Gently tap the metal probe so that the inner plastic layer of the glass is not damaged. This prevents hairline cracks from spreading further.

Put the resin in the special injector

Follow the necessary instructions about the injector and put a certain amount of resin into the injector according to the instructions.

Place the special device on the crack

Place the bridge device so that the injector is exactly above the crack. Fix the suction cups firmly in place. Add resin to the crack using the injector or use the pressure and vacuum control of the injector to suck air into the crack. When the crack is filled with resin, remove the bridge from the glass.

Wait for the resin to harden and dry

The windshield should be left in the sun until the resin hardens and dries completely. Keep in mind that the resin in the glass repair kits does not dry in the air. They usually use UV light from the sun or an artificial UV lamp to dry them.

Apply peeling resin

Use plenty of second resin to preserve the repair. Then use cellophane to cover the area you just exfoliated. In the next step, use direct sunlight or a UV lamp to completely dry the desired area. After drying, remove the cellophane and gently scrape the excess resin on the surface with a razor to make it level with the surrounding surface and complete the hair crack repair of the windshield.

Apply peeling resin


Clean the glass

You can use a glass cleaner to clean the remaining dirt. After the resin has dried, it is easier to clean.


Causes of Hairline Cracks in Windscreen

hairline crack in windscreen

Several factors can cause hairline cracks in the windscreen, each contributing to the gradual development of cracks. Here are some of the most common causes:

Temperature changes

Windscreens are subject to significant temperature changes, especially when the vehicle is parked in direct sunlight or cold weather. The glass expands and contracts in response to these temperature changes. Over time, this constant expansion and contraction can weaken the glass and cause hairline cracks.

Road vibration

Driving on uneven roads or hitting potholes subjects the windscreen to constant vibration. These vibrations can create stress points on the glass, making it more susceptible to cracking. Repeated exposure to road irregularities gradually weakens the windshield, eventually causing hairline cracks.

Debris impact

Small stones, rocks, or other road debris kicked up by other vehicles can strike the windscreen and cause hairline cracks. Even seemingly minor impacts can cause micro-fractures in the glass that, over time, can develop into visible hairline cracks. The speed and force with which debris strikes the windshield play a significant role in determining the extent of damage.

Manufacturing defects

In rare cases, hairline cracks can result from manufacturing defects or flaws in the glass itself. These defects may not be immediately apparent but may develop into visible cracks over time. Manufacturing defects can weaken the windshield’s structural integrity, making it more susceptible to cracking from external stresses.


Risks Associated with Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks in windscreens may seem insignificant, but they can pose several risks to both the driver and the vehicle. Here are the main risks associated with hairline cracks:

Impaired visibility

Hairline cracks can obstruct the driver’s line of sight, reducing visibility and increasing the risk of accidents. The cracks can refract sunlight or headlights, causing a glare that further impairs the driver’s ability to see the road clearly.

Compromised structural integrity

Windscreens play a critical role in a vehicle’s structural integrity. Hairline cracks weaken the glass, reducing its ability to withstand impact forces. In the event of a crash or rollover, the compromised windscreen may not provide adequate protection, increasing the risk of injury to the driver and passengers.

Crack propagation

Hairline cracks have the potential to spread over time. Factors such as temperature changes, road vibration, or stress from windscreen wipers and defrosters can cause the cracks to expand. They cannot be repaired once they exceed a certain size and require a complete windshield replacement.

Legal implications

Driving with a cracked screen may violate traffic laws in many jurisdictions. This may result in penalties, fines, or even the refusal of a vehicle inspection. It is important to address hairline cracks promptly to ensure compliance and road safety.

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