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Windscreen Water Ingress

We are already beginning to notice a lot of incidents of Windscreen Water Ingress difficulties in various car types as the rainy season approaches. Nothing is more frustrating than finding water in your car, so we decided to create a blog post describing the fundamentals of this frequent issue an issue we are specialists at fixing. In Britain, we frequently endure rainstorms that disrupt not only our plans but also our cars. A poorly maintained car or camping van may potentially allow water to enter the interior. Water damage therefore poses a serious risk to your car. At windscreen services London, we have years of experience fixing cars and avoiding damage. This is our manual on water entry. The doors, windows, and different engine components all have tight seals since cars are made to be watertight. All types of cars need to keep these seals maintained; otherwise, rust can form and there may be damp spots inside the cabin. Windscreen Water Ingress is a common problem with old cars and poorly maintained cars. When it affects a visible place, like a window, it’s simple to see. In rainy conditions, for instance, the driver’s glass may show signs of apparent leaking. But frequently, issues with water infiltration go unnoticed until there are issues with the car’s infrastructure.

What is Windscreen Water Ingress?

The Windscreen Water Ingress basically happens when water enters any area of your car that it shouldn’t. The most frequent one is water leaking in via the windows, windscreen, or roof due to cracked or brittle seams or gaskets. Blockages in places like heater core linkages and blocked AC drains can also be problems, especially in older cars. For instance, the rubber gasket that typically holds your roof in place can become worn down over time. A little crack may allow water to enter, which would then start to rust the nearby metal. In the winter, water can also become trapped and expand when it freezes, inflicting extra harm. As they old, some cars,  are more vulnerable to water infiltration than others, but any car, truck, or motorcycle could experience this issue. It goes without saying that older and vintage cars, which have had significant wear and tear, are more likely to experience it, thus it’s crucial to be vigilant in checking for leaks in these cars.

What is Windscreen Water Ingress?

What are the main causes of Windscreen Water Ingress?

Now that you are aware of what water infiltration is, let’s discuss its main sources:

Weak/broken gaskets or seams on a car roof

Unnoticed seams around a sunroof can rot and let water into your car. To identify the cause, look for paintwork that is broken or bubbling along the roof seams. If you do discover this, park your car as close to a shelter as you can until you can have the issue resolved by a specialist. A car’s metal roof panels are normally joined together by rubber gaskets that can deteriorate over time. As a result, any water that gets into the cracks can become trapped, freeze, and expand. You might discover water in the center of your car’s interior when this happens.

Weak/broken gaskets or seams on a car roof


Blocked drain holes on a car’s roof for the sunroof

If you’ve looked for cracked gaskets, bubbling paint, and corrosion and still can’t figure out how your car got wet, inspect the drainage system on the roof. Your issue might be a blocked drain in your sunroof. Like all drains, water can start to flood when something is obstructing the flow. Your problem with water infiltration will be solved if you hire a professional to clean out your sunroof drain.

Blocked drain holes on a car's roof for the sunroof


Car windscreen gaskets that are faulty or missing

Windscreen gaskets endure a lot, including temperature changes, motion-induced vibrations, and regular wear and tear. All of them have the potential to make the seals around a windshield deteriorate more quickly than seals on other parts of the car. If you see any gaps, breaks, or cracks in your seals, have the gasket replaced immediately.

Car windscreen gaskets that are faulty or missing


AC evaporator drain clog

If you notice water in the footwell, you should check your air conditioner’s drain to see if it’s clogged with debris as this could be cause condensed water to leak out and into the interior of your car.

Heat exchanger leak

Your door sills may have a water-like pool there, but it could be coolant dripping. When you are driving, this can cause your windscreen to fog. The liquid will probably smell, but if it doesn’t, there is probably another leak. Have your heater core evaluated by experts to ensure the right fix; there are a few reasons why it can be leaking.

Which car models are more sensitive to Windscreen Water Ingress?

The VW Eos is a recurring offender; we highly advise owners to check for water ingress. Check the box at the back of the car close to the spare wheel. If the foam is wet around the spare, we encourage you to come see us right away. Water buildup in the boot can lead to damage in the pump, which prevents the roof from working. In fact, the VW Eos is not the only problematic car; these water problems are also frequently reported in the Vauxhall Twin Top and Tigra, Audi A3s, Ford Focus CC, and other models of Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes.

Which car models are more sensitive to Windscreen Water Ingress?

Detection of water ingress car

In Windscreen Water Ingress article, we have discussed fully about water ingress car and told you the reasons for this problem. After reading the reasons, you may ask how to detect water ingress car, be careful that finding water in the car is not difficult at all, usually in this case the water entered the car in the lowest places. It can be like the place of the feet, that is, on the floor of the car. The thing that makes the process of detecting water ingress car difficult is where the water came from. According to the laws of gravity, water collects at the bottom in the points where it exists, but at the same time, it can also flow along the wires of the car and other surfaces and fabrics of the car, making it difficult to find the entry point. The first thing you should do is to look for the time of this incident, did the water enter the car after a storm and rain or after using the car wash? Is your car parked on a ramp? Did this happen after using heating or defrosting devices?

  • The reason for asking these questions is that by finding their answers, you can know the place of water entry and why. Another important point that you should pay attention to is that if it hasn’t rained or you haven’t used the car wash, but there is a water leak, then it can be said that the problem of water entering the car is from the car itself.nIf this happens when the car is parked on a ramp, it is most likely that a water seal or water trap is broken or the sunroof drain is blocked.

What to do after finding a water ingress car?

Try not to move the car or try to reduce the water leakage until you have checked the car and found the place where the water entered the car, because drying the car in this state is not very useful. Keep in mind that if you dry the car, it must be done completely, otherwise moisture will enter and the components inside the car will mold. As a result, you will notice a lot of bad smell while driving So if you find a leak, be sure to dry the car completely. It is better to put the seats, carpets and other components inside the car in the sun to dry completely. Try to use towels such as kitchen towels that absorb water completely when drying the car. If you can, use an electric dehumidifier. As you can see, it may take some time for the car to dry completely, so if you decide to drive after this process, turn on the heater and open the windows a little so that the car is well ventilated.

What to do after finding a water ingress car?

Fixing Windscreen Water Ingress

The major remedy for damaged gaskets and seals, which are typically the cause of water infiltration, is to rapidly replace them. You might require the assistance of a qualified technician to determine whether there is an issue with Windscreen Water Ingress if there are no obvious symptoms. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to regularly check your car, especially if it’s an older model. If your car’s interior has a faintly pleasant smell, there may be a coolant leak, for instance. The heater core, which resembles a little radiator and is situated on the driver’s side, can leak into the cabin if it corrodes. Compared to a door seal, which is very simple to repair, this is more challenging. A qualified technician may be required to identify, remove, and replace the heater core because it can be difficult to access. At windscreen repair London we are experts on car seal and the harm that water intrusion can do. If you have a classic car and want to preserve its worth, this is extremely crucial. In addition to maintaining the integrity of your car, replacing seals and gaskets makes sure you won’t have to worry much about this issue in the future. Our expert team of technicians will be able to assess everything and start repairs if you’re worried that Windscreen Water Ingress may have an impact on your car. Call the windscreen repair London staff right away.

Do you need any help?

Our auto service experts are ready to help if you need a new windscreen in London or assistance with water infiltration. For all of your car glass needs, windscreen installation London offers a comprehensive selection of cheap service packages. To learn more, get in touch with us immediately.

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