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The History of windscreen Wipers and it Incredible story

Windscreen Wipers

The history of windscreen wipers is a great topic that today we want to talk about it. Your reaction is almost automatic when the rain begins to fall. Your hand reaches for the little lever next to the steering wheel as the windscreen begins to dapple with melting snow or beading rain. Click. Your windscreen is now clear. You probably notice your windscreen wipers as much as you notice how frequently you blink or how many times your heart beats in a minute at this point. It’s second nature now. However, the history of these tiny lifesavers is fascinating.

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Who invented windscreen wipers -Early inventors:


George J. Capewell

In this part we want to talk about who invented windscreen wipers early. The windshield wiper was invented in the United States of America, but who exactly invented the device we know today as a windshield wiper is a matter of debate. A. Lane is credited as the inventor of the windshield wiper, George J. Capwell, who lives in Hartford, Connecticut. In 1896 he filed a patent for a windshield wiper for cars and locomotives.

The snow wiper invented by this person is in the form of two blades, which is installed on a tram. One blade worked clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. This device could clear a semi-circle and give the driver a clear view. Its main device was hidden in front of the car. This wiper worked on electricity and was connected to the electrical circuit of the car. At the same time, he stressed that this craft is mainly intended for fast-moving vehicles.

Robert A. Douglas

The second patent for the windshield wiper was awarded in 1903 to Robert Douglas who invented windscreen wipers early, a resident of Truro, a city in Nova Scotia, Canada. He was granted a patent for his locomotive cab window cleaner in 1904. His invention was intended for trains and tram cars and was made to remove ice, condensed moisture or dirt. Douglas’s invention was much more advanced than Capwell’s invention. This machine worked with a wiper mounted on a spindle. This innovative device could be adjusted in two ways: first – vertically to adjust the wiper pressure on the window. Second – horizontally, to raise or lower the operating area of the wiper.

Mary Anderson

The third inventor registered her device in 1903, three months after Douglas’s patent. This third invention is generally considered the mother of the modern wiper. This device was invented by Mary Anderson who invented windscreen wipers early, an American inventor and rancher living in Greene County, Alabama.

It was primarily intended for use on electric carriages, operated by a lever from inside the carriage, controlling a single wiper lever located above the windshield. Depending on which area of the windshield needs cleaning, the wiper arm can be extended or shortened. The wiper was fitted with a simple counterweight at the end. This weight pressed the wiper against the glass, making complicated mechanisms like the Douglas wiper unnecessary. The simplicity of Anderson’s device made him a clear winner.

John W. Jepson

Finally, the last original inventor was John W. Jepson, a relatively unknown person who lived in Buffalo, New York. In 1916, he applied for a patent for a windshield wiper. His patent was granted to him in the same year. This was the first car wiper. This invention was related to wind protection cleaners or devices that were used to clean rain water, snow and similar things. Jepson’s invention was among complex inventions.

Who invented windscreen wipers -Early inventors:

Looking for Intermittent Wipers

When windscreen wipers were finally installed on automobiles in the 1940s and 1950s, they didn’t come with many options. You could activate them. You could disable them. That was all there was to it. In 1953, Robert Kearns, a Detroit-based inventor, was celebrating his wedding when an errant champagne cork struck him in the left eye. For years, his vision had deteriorated and he struggled, particularly when driving in the rain. As he examined his situation scientifically, he discovered that our eyeballs have their own wipers – our eyelids. However, we do not blink constantly to maintain clear vision; rather, we weblink every few seconds. It was a no-brainer for Kearns to apply this concept to windscreen wipers. He applied for his patents in 1962. In fact, he drove his intermittent wiper model to Ford‘s headquarters in his own Ford Galaxie. The engineers were so impressed that they had to send him out of the workroom to prove he wasn’t activating the windscreen wipers with a button in his pocket.

The Fight Over Intermittent Wipers

Even though the Ford scientists were impressed, things did not go well for Robert Kearns. Without the assistance of Robert Kearns, Ford produced car models with intermittent windscreen wipers in 1969. It wasn’t until 1976, however, that Kearns disassembled the popular mechanism and discovered that his invention had been completely stolen. After many years of battling Ford, Chrysler, and 25 other car manufacturers, Kearns was eventually awarded $30 million dollars from Chrysler (down from his initial $325 million lawsuit) in 1995, because he had fired his legal advisors and attempted to proceed on his own. With too many cases going on at the same time, he was unable to keep his paperwork straight and eventually lost the claim to his patents. He died on February 9, 2005, at the age of 77. He was never properly acknowledged as the inventor of the intermittent windscreen wipers.

Innovators Save Lives

Whether the motivation was a necessity, convenience, or something in between, one thing is certain: windscreen wipers have saved countless people’s lives. Windscreen wipers are so ingrained in driving culture that most drivers don’t think twice about them – until they can’t see the road. So it’s important to remember these historical safety figures from time to time. We’d still be sticking our heads out the windows like Mary Anderson’s trolley driver if it weren’t for their ingenuity and innovation.

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Do you have any information about windscreen cost?

The cost of repair services

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Time to repair or replace the glass

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About the history of wipers

One of the topics that less drivers pay attention to is the history of windscreens. Many drivers are aware of the benefits of windshield and use them a lot while driving, but they do not pay attention to the history of windscreens and their side information. We have tried to talk about the history of windscreens in this article to complete your information on this matter. Many people do not know the exact date of the invention of the windshield, but it is better to know that the first windshield was invented in 1904. The first windshields were so fragile that they endangered the health of the driver and other occupants, so they were harmful in addition to their advantages. For this reason, the invention of laminated glass was put on the agenda of scientists. One of the most interesting things about the invention of the windshield is that its inventor was a woman. This topic is fascinating and surprising for many readers of this discussion. In addition to this issue, the reason why this glass is called windshield is unclear for some people. The reason why this glass is called the windshield is that this glass prevents wind and excess air from entering the car. We have talked about the types of windshields in other articles, but if we want to discuss this briefly, it should be said that windshields are divided into laminated, tempered, and solar types. Each of these types of glass has its own advantages, which we have discussed in other articles. Another issue that is investigated next to the history of windscreens is whether old cars also had windshields. The old cars that existed before the windshield did not have any windshield and the drivers had to use special hats to protect themselves against the strong wind pressure and insects.

About the history of wipers

Having a good view of the road while driving

As we mentioned in the windshield wipers history article, the idea of making wipers was recorded in the windshield wipers history by MS. Mary Anderson. She was riding a tram on a winter day when she realized that it was raining heavily and the windshield was completely covered with water, and as a result, it was very scary to see the road in this condition. It was the first time Anderson noticed how cold it was as she moved the windowpane to look outside and onto the road. This incident caused a lot of discomfort for the people in the car. Usually, when the windshield is dirty with garbage, drivers pull over to the side of the road to clean it manually, but in this situation and the weather, the conditions are very different. As a result, Anderson gave the idea of a plan that resulted in the creation of wipers that were controlled from inside the car and managed by the driver. With this, the driver’s vision from the road would be improved and all the inconveniences in this case would disappear in the winter season. Anderson spent several months designing the wipers, which were made of wood and rubber and controlled by a lever on the side of the steering wheel. By pulling this lever, a spring mechanism was created and the wiper arm moved on the windshield and cleaned the snow, rain and debris from the glass. According to the windshield wipers history, on November 10, 1903, the United States Patent and Trademark Office registered this invention as a windshield cleaning device for Ms. Anderson. It goes without saying that many people opposed this innovation and presented many arguments regarding the distraction of the driver and the dangerousness of this device.

Having a good view of the road while driving

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