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For sure, you have had many questions about the price of replacing or repairing car windows, but don’t worry, we have answered your questions completely in this section So stay with us until the end of the article to know about each price. First of all, it should be said that the cost of repairing the car glass depends on three main and important factors:

The first factor is the type of damage to the car glass. For example, this damage may be in the form of chips or cracks, so their prices are different. The second factor is which car window is damaged. For example, the windshield or the side windows of the car. The third factor is related to the type of car insurance. That is, you need to know whether your car insurance has considered a cost for damage to the car windows or not.

What will cost?

Windscreen repair

Windscreen chip repair

Scratch removal London

Windscreen replacement

Services and prices


Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo 156 £45
A1 2010- 3D-5D £48
A2 00-on £78.38
A3 00-08 £56.38
A3 96-03 £53.19
A4 99-01 £39.52
A4 01-08 £50.82
A5 £55.61
A6 97-04 £58.60
A7 £126.88
TT mk1 £76.18
TT mk2 £80.98
1 series 04-on £35.58
3 series 91-98 £27.36
3 series 98-05 £33.47
3 series 05-on £37.84
4 series £91.28
5 series 96-04 £54.67
5 series 03-07 £61.84
5 series 07-on £45.99
6 series £96.86
7 series £179.26
8 series £544.62
A class 98-04 £36.48
A class 04-on £54.96
B class £108.85
C class 93-01 £40.40
C class 01-03 £95.56
C class 03-on £60.82
E class 95-03 £79.20
E class 02-10 £76.28
S Class £127.96

Keep in mind that the amounts in the price list are only the fees we receive from customers, and in the end, the value-added tax will be added to it and the final price will change. All our specialists try to avoid additional fees and only perform services when needed.

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