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The 9 serious and top reasons windscreen cracks

Top reasons windscreen cracks

There are many things a driver can do to stop windscreen cracks and chips. Having a strategy in place will help you maintain composure when small rocks, hailstones, or other debris crack or chip your windscreen and protect your car from top reasons windscreen cracks. Hopefully, it will also help you keep it. Although windscreen cracks will always need to be repaired by windscreen services London, it’s crucial to first determine the kind and extent of the damage to calm your fears before deciding what to do next. When damages are discovered quickly, experts may usually save your money by windscreen chip repair London rather than having to replace it. Although there are many aspects of life beyond your control, you are always in control of your response. Dealing with the damage will be easier if you can identify the top reasons windscreen cracks. This will simplify the remainder of the procedure, be easier for your wallet, and provide you with the flexibility to plan enough time for the windscreen repair London to be finished. It is important to take into account any deterioration and wear that happens over time and might exacerbate cracks or falsely mimic one when evaluating the damage to your windscreen.

Top reasons for windscreen cracks and chips

A windscreen with excellent quality is surprisingly powerful, but because they are composed of glass, they are susceptible to breakage. Here are several of the top reasons windscreen cracks and chips:

1- Extreme Cold

Temperature variations can cause the windscreen to repeatedly expand and compress, to the point where tiny fractures start to emerge down the length of the glass. Large cracks may also spread more quickly in the presence of moisture. The glass compresses and distorts if the temperature inside the car is 20 degrees Celsius when the outside temperature is 40 degrees. This may occur, for instance, when a windscreen is heated to remove frost. In reality, even a tiny flaw in the windscreen is one of the top reasons windscreen cracks and it might result in chips or cracks.

2- Direct Sunlight

Since the UK doesn’t encounter extremely high temperatures very frequently, direct sunshine isn’t one of the top reasons windscreen cracks. However, when it does, the strong heat can cause the windscreen to break or change the glass’s form. Put a sunshade inside the car to protect the sun’s rays from damaging the windscreen, or park your car in the shadow to prevent this from happening.

Direct Sunlight

3- Stones and Road Debris

Throwing small stones in front of the car is one of the top reasons windscreen cracks. This occurs when large vehicles pass and scatter small stones as they go by or when building sites have loose stones on the highway. The stones strike the screens of drivers behind them after rebounding off the ground. Lower your speed, especially while another car is overtaking, to prevent this. Keep in mind that even the smallest crack has the potential to grow, and before you know it, the entire screen will need to be replaced.

4- Bad Weather

Windscreen chips can also be caused by bad weather. The debris from the street might be blown away by thunderstorms and sent shooting. Chips in your car’s glass might also be caused by hail or ice chunks which are the top reasons windscreen cracks. It is advised to stay off the road and keep your vehicle in the garage or another covered place during a hurricane to prevent weather-related damage to it.

5- Structural problems

The safety systems of a car are greatly dependent on the windscreens and it’s very important for top reasons windscreen cracks. In the event of a collision, they assist in supporting the roof as well as deflecting the passenger-side airbags. Since structural force can cause windscreens to break, they are attached using a strong adhesive. It also relies on how well the glass is made and how it is made. The leftover influence of heating and cooling a glass may frequently be seen around the edge. Because of this, windscreen edges are always the frailest and most likely to shatter.

6- Direct Impacts

The direct impact is another top reasons windscreen cracks. It is hard to prevent and frequently unpredictable. Accidents can occur at any moment, and the severity of the impact may cause your windscreen to be broken or cracked. Animals on the roadside may also have a direct effect. A soaring bird or other wildlife hitting the vehicle might be accountable for smashing your vehicle’s glass.

7- Wipers

Windscreen wipers are an essential component of car safety, yet under some conditions, they are one of the top reasons windscreen cracks and they may potentially harm our windscreens. Wiper blade wear is the main factor in wipers scratching windscreens; when this happened, the metal edge of the wiper is visible and starts to chip the glass anytime the wipers are turned on. However, if your windscreen wipers are broken, you won’t be able to see the road well, endangering both you and other drivers. If you discover a problem with your glass, if you recognize the reason or not, get in touch with a reputable windscreen provider right once. If the issue is not resolved right away, it will only become worse.


8- Poor glass quality or installation

Due to structural flaws in the glass itself, stress fractures can also impact a windscreen. These fractures frequently begin at the windscreen’s margins, which is the region most sensitive to cracking and can also result from improper installation. Make sure your windscreen has been professionally fitted by a qualified professional and is made of high-quality materials in order for it to provide the structural support and protection it is designed to in the event of a collision. At Asap, we only utilize glass produced to OEM specifications and all of our technicians are certified and educated to the highest standards.

Poor glass quality or installation

9- Unexpected temperature swings

A sudden, fast change in temperature that might cause the glass to compress or expand is a less common cause of windscreen damage. A human mistake frequently contributes to this. For example:

  • Defrosting your windscreen using hot water
  • a really hot day, leaving your car parked in the sun
  • if the interior of the car becomes extremely heated, quickly turn on the air conditioner.

Types of Windscreen damages:


1- The cracks

Car windscreen cracks are surface blemishes brought on by harsh weather, road debris, and high temperatures. Driving with significant windscreen cracks is prohibited in the UK, especially if they make it difficult to control the vehicle safely. Your windscreen will first show a little line, however, cracks might also look like this:

The Stress Cracks:

Stress fractures are often brought on by sudden, severe temperature fluctuations without the use of external pressure or force, such as when loose stones or other items strike the glass. The glass of your car enlarges in warm weather and shrinks in cold weather. A stress crack may form in the glass if this occurs too rapidly because it can’t keep up. It could be challenging to fix a stress crack if it starts near the edge of the windscreen. The likelihood decreases as the crack grows larger. So don’t lose time and get in touch with a Professional windscreen repair expert right now.

Edge Cracks:

Edge cracks can occasionally, but not always, be brought on by exposure to too much heat. They could happen if the metal and other components around the glass get too hot from the summer sun. As a result, the windscreen’s borders get warmer while the center remains somewhat cooler. The smallest temperature variations can result in the glass’ edges cracking. It frequently begins with little fractures that soon enlarge to reach between 25 and 30 centimeters in length, that makes them a serious problem. Since edge fractures typically impair the windscreen’s seal, a windscreen with a substantial edge crack will frequently need to be completely replaced.

Floater Cracks:

Floater cracks start in the center of the windscreen, or even more than 5 centimeters away from the edge, and are similar in size and strength to edge cracks. They can take on a variety of forms and are frequently brought on by temperature changes. Floater cracks are extremely dangerous since they can cover the majority of your windscreen. Take your car to Asap windscreen repair specialists as soon as you see a crack starting in the middle of your windscreen. Before the break spreads to the windscreen’s margins, they may be able to salvage it.

Crack chip:

Crack chips are tiny cracks with a small contact point that falls between a crack and a chip. Your windscreen could only need a repair depending on where the crack or chip is located rather than having to be replaced.

2-The chips

The top reasons windscreen cracks which we encounter at Asap are chips. A little piece of glass has broken from the shield amid windscreen chipping. Usually, this is brought by rocks or other debris slamming into the glass. This is also referred to as a stone break or pit by experts. If a chip is smaller than an inch in diameter, doesn’t completely penetrate the glass, and doesn’t have any longer fractures running from it, a technician can typically fill it.

The chips

3- Bullseye

A smaller circle is encircled by a bigger circle to form a bullseye. The outer layer of the glass has what seems to be a cone with a circular chip in the middle. They are essentially simply a bigger chip where a chunk of the screen’s glass has been broken off. Bullseyes happen when pebbles or other debris strike the windscreen violently and quickly. Another name for the damage is a half-moon chip if it is not symmetrical. Bullseyes are one of the top reasons windscreen cracks which are typically repairable, but it entirely depends on the size of the chip.


4-The stars

Small chips that resemble stars often have several cracks radiating from their center. Smaller star patterns may often be repaired, but they can still be faintly apparent. Although the windscreen may be successfully restored, doing so can decrease the value of your car. If you’re planning to sell your car, getting a replacement can be a smart move.

5-The Combination break

Things become a bit trickier if your windscreen has suffered severe damage, either from hail or as a consequence of an accident. In cases when the windscreen broke many times, repairs could be difficult. A replacement is often advised in this circumstance, although it is better to talk this over with your specialist first.

Recognizing the damages

After determining the kind of fracture or chip, it’s crucial to comprehend and keep an eye on the degree of harm. Both the expense of repairs and additional damage will be decreased as a result. What you should do is:

  • Take a picture, Cracks can occasionally develop worse over time. You can use the picture from the day you first discovered the damage to track this.
  • Consider the magnitude of the fracture before deciding whether to repair or replace the windscreen. It may likely be repaired in less than 15 centimeters. In general, you will need a new windscreen if it is longer than 15 centimeters.
  • Consult a specialist; Asap can evaluate the damage and provide the next steps.

You couldn’t find your windscreen crack reason?

A glass chip or crack could sporadically emerge for many people at some point. However, as we’ve explained the top reasons windscreen cracks here, windscreens don’t just break; there are several factors that might endanger the glass’s structural integrity. Your windscreen wipers might accentuate a weak spot on your windscreen and result in a fracture, a stray stone could strike the glass while you’re driving on the highway and you might not notice for a day or two, or the glass itself may cause poor quality. Repairing the damage is more crucial than determining what caused the windscreen damage. Regardless of whether you are aware of the reason for a crack or chip, you should get in touch with a reliable windscreen repair provider right once.

What to do while your windscreen is being fixed?

Although a little crack or chip in your windscreen may not appear serious, they can worsen and end up costing you far more than required. So instead of putting off windscreen repair, bring your car in to be evaluated by Asap experts so that the damage may be fixed as soon as feasible. There are several things you may do in the interim to prevent the fracture or chip from getting worse:

  1. Even though taping the cracks might make the repair procedure more challenging by allowing dirt to collect in the crack, it is still preferable to leave it exposed.
  2. Do not use the air conditioner, defrost your windscreen, or do any other action that might suddenly change the temperature.
  3. Avoid hitting doors or bumpy roads
  4. Never pressure wash, hose down or otherwise handle your car in a way that might cause the crack to become too wet.
  5. Avoid driving the car entirely and call Asap instead if the damage is severe enough to impair your vision.

In conclusion, it is important to try to prevent any factors that can damage or crack windscreens because prevention is always better than cure. If you do, however, find a small crack in your screen, please visit Asap specialist because some top reasons windscreen cracks cannot be prevented even when you do your best to prevent them.


Which chips and cracks can be repaired?

As you know, chips are group of the top reasons windscreen cracks that have different causes. According to the standards for windshield repair, it is said that if the chips are in the driver’s view, a measurement method is needed. That is, if the diameter of these chips is more than 10 mm, it cannot be repaired and you should replace the glass as soon as possible. If you have read our other articles, you must be familiar with the driver’s field of vision. This area is a part of the glass that is approximately 30 cm wide and is located exactly in the center of the car’s steering wheel So you should keep in mind that the experts who are professionals in this work will carry out complete checks and evaluations and if the repair is applicable, they will perform the necessary services for you. Cracking of the glass is one of the other desired damages for the windshield. The probability that this injury will occur to you is much higher than other injuries. Many customers think that the cracks are completely repairable by windscreen repair London, while according to the desired standards, glass cracks must meet the conditions for repair. These conditions are such that if the crack is less than 3 mm, there is usually no need to repair it, but if the crack is less than 25 mm, you must repair it. If the crack is more than 25 mm, it cannot be repaired and windshield replacement services should be considered.

Is your car windshield cracked for no reason?

Various reasons and factors play a role in cracking the windshield of the car. Each of these reasons includes solutions to get rid of them, which we have discussed clearly and completely in top reasons windscreen cracks article. But many of our customers say that none of these factors play a role in creating cracks on the glass, which means that apparently the cracks appear for no reason. In general, it should be said that no crack is created without a reason, and one of the top reasons windscreen cracks must have played a role in its creation. There are many things that cause the loss of the structure and integrity of the windshield, some of which are the most important top reasons windscreen cracks. When you are driving on the road or highway, a stone may hit your windshield and you don’t realize it at all. Also, your wiper may further weaken the damaged area, resulting in more cracks. Other reasons include the low quality of glass, which is often one of the top reasons windscreen cracks. It is important that your glass has been damaged for some reason, but more important than this is the repair of the damage that should be considered. If at any time you notice that your windshield is cracked or chipped, you should contact a repair company as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you know the cause of the damage or not, it is always the most important thing to do to repair the damage as soon as possible.

Is your car windshield cracked for no reason?

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